At this present time, we at F2F Music Foundation are very concerned about the stress and uneasiness the COVID-19 pandemic is imposing on our young people, including the music students who are unable to play their instruments together with their friends at school during band rehearsals, at sporting events, concerts, ceremonies, etc.

     To promote healing for our young musicians, F2F Music Foundation offered an online version of our Jazz Improvisation Summer Camp July 20 - 24, 2020. Each day, we hosted a presentation by a professional Jazz artist who demonstrated their skill and improvisation techniques. Below is a report from our founder, Vel Lewis, on the success of the week-long Camp:

      "In my opinion and the opinions of many parents, the Camp and the presentations made by the recording artists and instructors who joined me (Paula Atherton, Michael Garvin, Jake Ball, John Christian, Eric Fountain, Morgan Stevenson, KTSU 90.9FM radio show host Tim Mehne and his wife Kim) were all very successful in providing extraordinary value to students who participated. Below are a few comments we received from parents:

        “He [our son] is really enjoying the classes… you all really impressed him yesterday with your guest teacher. He was so amazed that he played for Phil Collins (lol). We are so appreciative!!! Thank you so much for allowing him the opportunity to be a part of the program! Thank you again for initiating such an awesome program!”

       “Thank you for creating this camp. It is appreciated. I haven’t heard so much positive education-based energy since my time at SUNO with Professor Kidd Jordan. I’m no musician, but that was an enlightening class. I am delighted that our son has the opportunity to experience this. Thank you! I wanted to see how he would respond to the culture. He appreciates it as I’d hoped. I’m now confident that this is a good fit for both him and us. I’ll follow you and look forward to future camp opportunities. This experience is extremely valuable and exciting. Thanks again!”


      We also gave away free instruments (a trombone, and two keyboards) that were donated to F2F previously. These instruments went to three students who had perfect attendance without skipping any Camp sessions: Juan Rosales (Willowridge High School), Isaiah Sanders (Pershing Middle School), and Leanidous Washington, IV (Scanlan Oaks Elementary) 

Our upcoming Summer Camp is  scheduled for June 2021!  Registration fee is only $50.00! 

We will post further updates here on our website and in our newsletter.