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Faith-2-Form Music Foundation is enriching the lives of students through music 

F2F Music Summer Camp highlights

Meeting Yuvraj through Music 


By F2F CEO/Founder Vel Lewis:

Occasionally, we at F2F Music Foundation encounter young ones with special needs such as autism, anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, and we provide whatever help we can through music. Such is the case with Yuvraj Chaudhary - a very intelligent 9-year old who suffers from permanent blindness. Click the following link to see a recent article from the World Tribune about Yuvraj and his family:

Yuvraj’s mother contacted me about two years ago to find out if I could teach him how to play piano because he loves music, and she thought it could help ease his tensions among other things. I’ve since provided weekly piano lessons to him, although we had to stop lessons during the COVID pandemic. Prior to resuming piano lessons this year, Yuvraj's mother advised that the Texas Health and Human Services Commission provides assistance for children with disabilities.  Contact was made, and the Texas HHS recently approved payment for Yuvraj’s piano lessons.

Yuvraj has learned the C 5-finger scale, he knows how to curl his fingers keeping each of his five fingers on each key while keeping his wrists up, and he can play the correct key when asked to play a certain key. He knows this by recognizing the note pitch.


I asked Yuvraj last year if he listens to music, what type of music he likes, and if he has any favorite artists. He said he really likes Dua Lipa and he also likes Justin Bieber. I told Yuvraj that if these artists are ever in the Houston area, I will try to contact them and find out if they could meet him. Yuvraj has not forgotten this, so he asks every week: “Mr. Lewis, have you contacted Dua Lipa yet, and would she come to see me?” I told Yuvraj that it is very hard to contact these artists because they are very busy performing all the time, but I will not give up.


If anyone reading this story would like to help Yuvraj meet these artists, please contact me at It will make a dream come true for this young boy.

Vel Lewis helps a local student achieve a major milestone

Ian Cannon_12.22.jpeg

By Vel Lewis

This young man is a high school senior at Dulles High School, and he is an amazing pianist. His name is Ian Cannon. Thanks to Mr. Spencer Clayton, his school's band director, I gained the opportunity to help the school's Jazz Ensemble and to meet Ian during his Junior year. After witnessing Ian's amazing talent, I asked him what his plans were after high school. He informed me that he wanted to go to a conservatory and continue his studies in classical music. I offered my assistance if he would be interested in studying abroad. With a "Yes" answer, I arranged a virtual meeting with his mother, and then helped them plan and arrange a trip to Italy to meet up with my world-renowned friend, concert pianist Francesco Attesti, and meet other maestro teachers to learn about conservatories he may want to attend after his 2023 graduation. Ian impressed everyone in Italy with his performances, and may now receive sponsorships for his full tuition! 

13-year old piano student Rayan Chava's podcast
with Vel Lewis 

Rayan Chava podcast with Vel_06.10.23
Rayan Chava_2023.jpeg
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