The lack of funds for a student to purchase their own instrument can be a barrier that compromises a student's ability to reach their highest potential. F2F Music Foundation works with local non-profit organizations and schools to provide instruments to gifted, disadvantaged youth who are unable to afford their own instruments.


F2F Music Foundation has created the Instrument Fund Program, which donates musical instruments to students in low-income communities.


The goal is to achieve the following:

  • Purchase and repair instruments

  • Provide orchestral, jazz, and band instruments

  • Provide accessories necessary for continued growth and success (e.g. music stands, instrument storage equipment, instrument cases)


        In a recent survey with public school band directors in Fort Bend County, TX, 139 middle school students were identified as potential candidates needing a music instrument.

        F2F Music Foundation partnered with Fort Bend Education Foundation and other organizations to help distribute musical instruments to students, and to promote Annual Jazz Festivals.  Every year, students who have been granted instruments through this program will have the opportunity to perform on stage with national and international jazz artists.

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