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Music Class




Musical Improvisation is much harder than it seems. It takes a combination of talent, confidence, flow, ingenuity and intuitiveness to successfully and gracefully pull off a freestyle. Many of the greats are able to improvise almost effortlessly, but of course, this ability requires practice and dedication. 

F2F Music Foundation partners with local schools to offer our unique Music Summer Camp. Students will learn various jazz improvisation techniques and styles which they will practice daily, and they will have the opportunity to showcase their development at the end of the camp through a concert!


Enjoy our video!

The week began with a visit by jazz guitarist Joe Carmouche, who talked with the students about his background and life experiences while listening and learning jazz music, the blues, and receiving some training in classical music.


Week Two: National recording artist saxophonist Theresa Grayson performing a few tunes for the students on three different saxophones, while educating them on her career path and how they can also realize a career as an educator and also perform professionally.


Day three opened with a performance and presentation by Innervision Records recording artist saxophonist Dean James, followed by a talk with Mr. Scott May of Hammond Organ USA who spoke about the early days of the Hammond Organ

Screenshot 2022-10-02 172447.png

Our campers started Day four with a performance and interactive presentation of Brazilian samba and bossa nova music by percussionist Cassio Duarte. Each student was given a percussion instrument to play along with Cassio.


Our final concert! :-D

High School Orchestra

Our 2022 F2F Music Summer Camp was absolutely amazing!!

We would like to thank our partners and participants who helped make our 3rd annual F2F Music Summer Camp a huge success:

Dr. Madeline Burillo-Hopkins, President of HCC Southwest, Dr. Colleen Reilly, Dean, Center of Excellence for Visual and Performing Arts, HCC, Susan Hines, Chair, Performing Arts, HCC, Eric Fagan, Fort Bend County Sheriff Raymond Oglesby, Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office, Panera Bread, Sugar Land

Center Court Pizza & Brew - Missouri City, Fast Signs, Missouri City, F2F Board members Ada Lewis, Nellie T. Doty, Ray Schilens, American First National Bank, Cecilia Roudabush of New Harmony Line “Hyperscore”Hammond Organ USA, KRUTZ Strings, Joe Carmouche, Dean James Theresa Grayson, Cassio Duarte, Ruben Moreno, Tracy Prater, Eric Fountain, Morgan Stevenson, Buford Noris, Anthony McBeth, Jamie Perry, Kiana Smith,  Zachary Lerner, Madeline Herdeman. We also thank all our volunteers who assisted our student “campers”, and all the HCC Southwest faculty and campus staff who provided assistance directly or indirectly.

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