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Our International Music Program will allow groups of young musicians to experience traditional culture abroad for short periods of time. Students have the opportunity to further their studies in music theory, harmony, and the history of jazz music in relation to other forms of music. We at F2F Music Foundation believe in the importance of experiencing diverse musical cultures and styles, and we aim to provide this to disadvantaged youth who otherwise may not be able to experience this. Not only will this help them to develop musically, but it will help students develop personally, having experienced diverse perspectives other than their own.

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Our first trip planned is to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!!

The music of Brazil encompasses various regional musical styles influenced by African, European, and Amerindian forms. Brazilian music developed some unique and original styles. One of many cultural centers is in Rio de Janeiro where music enlightened the cultural life during a Renaissance period in the 20th century. 


Rio de Janeiro has a rich history, which is showcased in the Musical Conservatory of Rio de Janeiro. We are excited to be able to have our students experience the richness of Brazilian musical culture!

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